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Cameras for Interiors

Posted by larrylohrman on January 3, 2006

The question I get asked the most by other Real Estate Agents is what camera to use. My criteria for choosing a camera to shoot interiors is:

  1. You must have a wide-angle lens at least 24mm
  2. The camera must control an external flash unit

These criteria mean there are very few compact digital cameras that are usable for shooting interiors and even with a Digital SLR camera there are very few configurations that work well. I've been compiling a list of cameras, lenses and external flashes that fit my criteria.


3 Responses to “Cameras for Interiors”

  1. Karen said

    Very helpful, thanks.

  2. Mark said

    Useful little camera for interior shots just sprang to mind, just thought I’d put it out there, since you can pick them up on ebay for peanuts, the Agfa ePhoto 1280 – one useful feature is the 270 degree swivel lens, ideal for using in tight spots. I got some excellent photographs using this camera in New Mexico behind a frozen waterfal, when on holiday over in the western States for 3 months a couple of years ago. Try finding that camera on ebay. May help, may not, just thought I’d throw it out there, the idea.

  3. Mark,
    I have mixed feelings about recommending the Agfa ePhoto 1280 to anyone as an interior camera is that one would need a wide angle converter for this camera since it’s effective 35mm focal length is 38mm… along way from wide enough for shooting interiors. After searching a little bit I can only find two wide angle converters that have a 46mm thread (what this camera requires) one is the Canon WD-H46 that has a .7 focal length multiplier and the other is the KVC-05 which has a .5 multiplier.

    The KVC-05 converter appears to be very low-end since it only costs $65 USD. This will probably work but the barell distortion will probably be pretty bad.

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