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Why so many Falling Walls ?

Posted by larrylohrman on January 26, 2006

Has anyone noticed how crooked houses are being built these days? This photo is a $460,000 home directly off the NWMLS. Many interiors look the same. They look like they will fall down any minute.

There are two solutions to this problem builders are having making walls straight: 1. You can hold your camera crooked so the walls will look straight or 2. You can use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to stretch the top or bottom of the photo to make it look straight.

Seriously, to me the falling wall look is not attractive in marketing photos. My standard for what home exterior and interior photos should look like is Architectual Digest. In Architectual Digest the walls are always perfectly straight and parallel with the edge of the photo. Maybe the building quality is better for the upper-end homes they feature in Architectual Digest.


2 Responses to “Why so many Falling Walls ?”

  1. Sorry I can’t make it out the picture is too small to notice.

  2. amanda said

    very nice

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