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Importance of The Front Exterior Photo

Posted by larrylohrman on February 6, 2006

The front exterior photo in real estate marketing is very special since it is the single image of the property that is propagated to many websites and used for ads where there can be only one image of the property. Consequently, you want to put extra care and thought into taking and preparing this image so it catches viewers attention and inspires them to take action to find out more about the property.

There are many ways to make this single image look good. One of the best ways is to make sure the light is good. Bright direct sunlight is usually attractive but not always possible. Another, alternative is twilight with all the interior lights on. At twilight the light has a beautiful blue glow that is complemented by the interior lights.

Try to illustrate the setting as well as the architecture. If there are special features like view or water front try to find a way to show those features.

I take many trips to the property to see what it looks like in different light and shoot from as many angles as I can find. Try to find an interesting, unusual angle.


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