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An Example Slave Fash Unit

Posted by larrylohrman on February 10, 2006

A couple of days ago I mentioned slave flash units. This is an item of interest to interior photographers using digital compact cameras that have built-in flashes but have no facility to control a bigger more powerful external flash unit required to adequately light interiors. I have a little CoolPix-4300 that falls in this category.

I found a great example of a slave flash unit that would be appropriate for using for shooting interior shots with a digital compact camera. It's the Metz 28 CS-2. It has a built-in bracket to attach your camera and it will work with a 24mm wide-angle lens. Just mount your camera with a built-in flash on it and the light from the built-in flash will trigger this flash. Thanks to Gordon in Salt Lake for bringing up the subject of slave flash units.


One Response to “An Example Slave Fash Unit”

  1. […] Recently I was rummaging through my old film camera gear and ran across my old Nikon SB-26 flash unit that I used to use with my Nikon 6006 film camera. While thumbing through the manual I noticed that it has a slave mode where light from another flash can be used to trigger it. I decided to set it up and try to trigger it with my CoolPix-4300. I a post back in February of this year I recommended using a slave external flash unit when you are using a compact camera that doesn’t have a hot-shoe for an external flash unit. […]

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