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Flash Diffusers

Posted by larrylohrman on February 21, 2006

When using an external flash to shoot interiors I always use the built-in diffuser on my Canon 580ex Speedlite. The diffuser swings down over the flash and diffuses the light out so it covers the same field of view as a 14mm lens. The diffuser also reduces many of the strong harsh shadows that normally result from using a flash. A reader recently asked if there was a way to get the same effect if the flash unit you are doesn’t have a built-in diffuser.

The answer is, yes there is. Sto-Fen Products make diffusers that fit over the head of most flash units. I’ve tried a Sto-Fen diffuser on my 580ex and it creates very nearly the same effect as the built-in diffuser.

I like the results from flash diffusers better than bouncing the flash off the ceiling. I find that when using a wide-angle lens much of the ceiling is visible and comes out too “hot” if you bounce the flash off the ceiling.


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