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Importance of External flash

Posted by larrylohrman on February 22, 2006

I’ve noticed from flyers, postcards and interacting with readers of this blog that the majority of photographers shooting interiors for real estate don’t understand the importance of an external flash unit. One of the telltale signs of an interior photo that someone was not using a flash is the predominance of red-orange from the incandescent lights. As in my example above from before I started to use a external flash whites are more yellow-orange than white (the countertops and ceiling in this home is white). Some of these color balance problems can be removed with photo editing but its hard work compared to the clean whites and accurate colors you get when shooting with an external flash.

The other telltale sign in interior photos done without an external flash is “burned-out” windows. Home sellers with wonderful views are always very disappointed when interior photos don’t show the view. Again there are ways to work around “burned-out” windows but they either involve hard work photo editing or carefully controlling the time of day you shoot.

To quote a recent comment from a reader: “…I just received the Speedlite 430ex from B&H a few days ago and after practicing on my own place I used it on a shoot today. Well, I'm sold! What a difference it makes. It really simplifies the image editing considerably and is a lot less stressful…”


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