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Making a Flash Movie

Posted by larrylohrman on February 23, 2006

In the process of converting several of my existing virtual tours to tours I’ve realized the image capacity of tours (75 images) will significantly change the way I photograph a home. Before using tours when shooting a home my goal was to get 15 images that included at least one image of every significant room. Our local MLS has a limit of 15 images and most local web sites that picked up images from the MLS can only deal with around 15 so there wasn’t much point in having more than 15. Some important rooms like kitchen or living room I’d shoot maybe 2 images. But with I can have many more images for important rooms. I can shoot a panning series of images much like shooting a 360 and have them displayed as a series of dissolved stills as a Flash movie. This is revolutionary! I’m looking forward to the next home I shoot to fully utilize this new Flash movie feature. Stay tuned for more developments.


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