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Bright Windows

Posted by larrylohrman on March 7, 2006

Have you ever tried to photograph a room with very bright windows? If you are not using any lighting equipment (like flash) you will usually find it’s nearly impossible to get an exposure that gets detail in the bright windows and detail in the darkest corner of the room. This is because the brightness range is too wide for any camera to record. You can expose for the windows or you can expose for the dark corner, not both. What you’d like to do is combine two different photos. One that you’ve exposed for the windows with one you’ve exposed for the dark corner into one image that covers the whole brightness range.

You’re in luck; there is a way to combine two such photos into a single image. You use a Photoshop Elements plug-in called DRI Pro from . DRI stands for Dynamic Range Increase. This $20 plug-in makes blending to interior shots a breeze. You’ll need to use a tripod so the two images (one exposed for the windows and the other exposed for the darker interior) are exactly registered. Or if you are shooting with camera that records in RAW mode you can shoot one photo in Raw mode and open it twice setting the exposure on one for the windows and the other for the interior.

Every home seller with a view home wants you to create a photograph that shows their beautiful interior and the great view. Unless you have some tricks like DRI Pro up your sleeve you won’t be able to deliver the photo that your client expects.


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