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Bright Windows Part III

Posted by larrylohrman on March 9, 2006

A third alternative for shooting bright windows is to make use of those magical twilight times of day when the light levels inside are very near the light levels outside. At this time of day the windows are not bright so you can make one exposure that renders both the inside and the outside with correct exposure. The example above is an example of a master bedroom that I shot during twilight (1/4sec at f8 16mm on a tripod in early Sept at 7:30PM) with all natural light except ceiling spots. The colors are more dramatic at this time of day.

Gregg Krogstad has some stunning examples of twilight interior photos in the portfolio section of his site My all time favorite is Gregg's photo Cover photo for Seattle Design Resources- Robert Egge Construction. It has a beautifully exposed interior with a dramatic twilight blue view of the Seattle skyline out the windows.

The only problem with this technique is that you must have total control over the shooting time. I it's possible to control the shooting time at most only part of the time. With high-end homes where sellers have very high expectations of the photos they are more willing to let you choose the shooting time. When I took the shot above the home owners were having a dinner party and were willing move the party from room to room while I was shooting. I'd explained that this was the best time of the day for shooting their home. Many sellers will try to get you to come shoot at 2:00 or 3:00PM.


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