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Bright Windows Part IV

Posted by larrylohrman on March 10, 2006

The last way you can deal with bright windows is to use an external flash unit to increase the internal brightness level to the same level as outside so the same exposure will work for the inside as the outside. In actual practice this is not difficult. Just use the TTL or E-TTL automatic feature of your flash. The above photo is done automatic flash. If you shoot without flash the photo will need photo editing so the interior is properly exposed. This means using one of the first two photo editing alternatives or letting the windows “blow-out” (go over exposed).

It’s all a matter of trading photo editing time for the extra money that an external flash costs. As a reader recently told me after he got his flash “… it’s much less stressful using an external flash” because he was putting in a lot of time using photo editing to fix bright windows and he couldn’t always be sure he could fix every photo.


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