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Interior Photography by Eric Roth

Posted by larrylohrman on March 14, 2006

As you can see I changed the template for this blog today. I think this format with its white background is more readable than the black background I was using.

Yesterday I got a copy of Interior Photography by Eric Roth. I think it’s the best book I’ve seen on interior photography. All the books on interior photography I’ve found (including this one) are by professional photographers that make their living shooting for magazines. This is, in a way very different than shooting for real estate marketing. Yet most of the photographic problems are the same.

I find the advice on lighting and use of photo editing very applicable to real estate photography. Eric Roth gives an example of burned-out windows that he solves with multiple exposures and Photoshop. In a section called “The Precepts of Good Lighting” he says, “As with and artistic endeavor, there are many styles of lighting. The only rule is: Don’t look for rules to follow because there are none! In fact, someone who thinks there are steadfast rules is probably too limited in his or her approach…

Another interesting aspect of interior photography that this book goes into is that professional photographers may times work with what Roth calls a “stylist”. I’d heard this term use by other professional interior photographers but never understood exactly what was meant. “Styling” is what real estate people call “staging”. Most professional interior shoots involve having a “stylist” bring in props and furniture to make a photo look good. Of coarse the difference is that in real estate the “styling” stays in place until the home sells. I always enjoy shooting a home that has been will staged either by a savvy homeowner or a professional stager.


2 Responses to “Interior Photography by Eric Roth”

  1. Anonymous said

    Thank you thank you thank you for changing to black on white text. I really enjoy your site, by the way. —Susan Pruden

  2. I was contacted by a stager/real estate professional this week for 4 virtual tours. I’m so pleased that a stager exists in our community who “gets” the value of a good tour. Stagers and virtual tours: What an outstanding team to bring homes to viewers right at their computers!

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