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Prices Drop to $9.95 Per Tour

Posted by larrylohrman on March 18, 2006

Brad from told me today that they’ve reduced their price per tour to $9.95! This is a big surprise to me. We recently switched to using on every listing and all our rentals and I thought that their tours were a great value at their previous price of $29.95 per tour.

Brad says that their research indicated that many agents were only doing tours for their upper-end listings instead of all of their listings. This is what I’ve noticed by just looking at our local MLS. With this new lower price there is really no reason left for not using virtual tours on all listings. I think this new price point has the potential to significantly changes the way virtual tours are used.

For those non-agent, professional photographers out there, that I know read this blog, at $9.95 per tour you can afford to include these tours in the photographic product you deliver to agents. I’ve always thought that real estate photographers should deliver more than a bunch of JPG files. I think the photographs should be delivered as finished media in the form of home flyers, virtual tours in addition to JPGs to load on the MLS. Many agents I know would rather have someone do the whole thing.


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