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Photo Editing with Hugin?

Posted by larrylohrman on April 2, 2006

Today I had the time to check out the Hugin software that Marc Lacoste pointed out in his comment on March 30th. I struggled for about 45 minutes and could not get Hugin to straighten out the sloping walls in a test shot I took of my living room. My conclusion is that doing this job with Hugin is much more difficult than the simple Transform>Distort feature in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Granted, Hugin is free and Photoshop or Photoshop Elements isn’t but I going to stick with my claim that the Transform>Distort feature is the quick and easy way to go to straighten out walls. Hugin can do the same job but it takes a significant investment in time to learn how to use all it’s many features.

Hugin is designed as a GUI for Panorama tools (a public domain set of panorama stitching tools) for creating panoramas. That is, stitching together a number of images into a panorama. If you want to make interior panoramas I think Hugin is worth your while to investigate and learn to use. If you are just fixing image that needs to have the walls straightened like the one above you are best to stick with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.


One Response to “Photo Editing with Hugin?”

  1. I understand that learning to use a tool is painful. This is my case with photoshop, I hate it and its siblings. I hope your book will make it easier.

    But once Hugin learned, it is very, very fast. I correced it in one minute, and I think it’s faster than trial and error with photoshop’s transform tool. I wrote a tutorial.

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