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Recommended Real Estate Camera List Update

Posted by larrylohrman on April 5, 2006

Today I updated my list of recommended cameras for real estate photography. All these changes were as a result of the feedback I’ve been getting from readers. The changes I made were as follows:

  1. I removed the reference to a wide angle converter for the P880. The Kodak P880 doesn’t have a wide-angle converter. It only goes to 24mm. This was a misunderstanding on my part. Thanks to Marc Lacoste for pointing this out.
  2. I added the Olympus C-7070 and the Sony DSC-R1 with the indicated wide-angle converters go to 19mm which makes them ideal for interior photography.
  3. I added the Canon Powershot G6 and A620 which both use the WC-DC58 wide-angle converter to get to 24.5mm. Not great but OK.
  4. I removed the prices from the table since the prices change and are different places in the world… this blog has readers all over the world. It’s best to check prices at your favorite supplier.
  5. I added the Canon 430EX to the external flash units listed for Canon cameras. The 430EX is less powerful and fewer features than the 580EX but cheaper.
  6. I added a link to the wonderful review of wide-angle lenses by Ken Rockwell. This review is a must for anyone purchasing a DSLR and needing to choose a Ultra wide-angle lens. If you haven’t checked out Ken Rockwells site ( ) by all means do. It has a wealth of Photographic information.

This list of suggested cameras for real estate is not exhaustive but if you are looking for a camera to shoot interiors it will get you started in the right direction. Thanks for all the great feedback readers been giving me on this list. If you know of a camera you think should be on this list be sure to let me know.


3 Responses to “Recommended Real Estate Camera List Update”

  1. I’ve done mine, too, shorter and without speedlights:

    note that the Sigma 10-20mm and Canon 10-20mm can’t be used on the eos 5D, they don’t cover the full frame.

  2. Chris C. S. said

    Just wanted to point out your camera list has the oly e-500 at 14MM with a 14MM lens but there is a focal length multiplier of 2x. Shouldn’t that make it 28MM in actuality? The older list has the Oly e-500 with the sigma 10-20MM at 14MM but then that should be 20MM.

  3. It’s with the Zuiko 7-14mm (eq. 14-28)

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