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Posted by larrylohrman on April 11, 2006

When doing real estate photography it is always important to be thinking about how the shots are going to be used. For example, if you intend to use a shot as a full page background on a flyer if you’re not thinking about whether the flyer layout is vertical (portrait mode) or horizontal (landscape mode) you will make the job of the person laying out the flyer more difficult. I usually make an 8.5 x 11 flyer with a front shot of the home as a background for text and small interior photos of the home. When I shoot this front shot of the home I think about where all the text is going to go and make sure there is enough room on the sky and foreground for title lines and all the descriptive text I need. Vertical mode almost never works for this kind of flyer layout.

When shooting a series of photos for a website I never shoot in vertical orientation. The reason is 90% of interior shots work best in horizontal orientation and if you have 14 horizontal website photos and one or two vertical photos it’s just distracting in the layout on the website. Websites all allow vertical shots but I’ve never seen a real estate website that looks good with a mix of vertical and horizontal shots. I don’t think there is ever a compelling enough reason to even have vertical shots on a website.

The only time a vertical shot is required is if you are shooting for a full magazine page. Then vertical orientation is a must. Sure, you can make a vertical crop on a horizontal shot but you end up loosing a lot of the file. You are better off shooting vertical for a magazine page unless it’s going to be a guttered 2 page spread.

The bottom line is ideally when a photographer is shooting a home he/she should know how the photographs are going to be used to get the best results.


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