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In-camera panorama stitching

Posted by larrylohrman on April 15, 2006

Today a reader posed an interesting question. “…isn’t a panorama a replacement for a wide-angle lens without the problem of perspective exaggeration you get with ultra-wide angle lenses?”

I’ve never thought of it in those terms but yes it is. A couple of fames stitched together will in fact increase your horizontal field of view (HFOV). The key is that it needs be very fast and easy to stitch the frames together for this approach to make sense.

The concept of fast and easy panorama stitching got me thinking. There are cameras on the market now that have features that aid in shooting panoramas and some actually stitch the panorama in the camera.


Camera assists shooting panoramas

These lists are probably not a complete, these are the ones I found in the first 5 pages of a Google search for “in camera stitching”.

Thanks Eric in California for getting me thinking about panoramas in this light.

One Response to “In-camera panorama stitching”

  1. The Canon Powershot A540 offers “Stitch Assist” allowing up to 26 images to be linked. This is a 6 megapixel, 4x optical zoom lens with 16:9 wide angle option. Ken Rockwell of lists its predecessor, the A530, as the #1 xmas gift in 2006. There are panoromic pictures of this feature and the wide angle view on his website. Because you can link up to 26 images you also have he option of offering 360. Camera comes with intelligent software that merges 26 images.

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