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Shooting Low Will Help Keep Walls Vertical

Posted by larrylohrman on April 17, 2006

Marc’s comment on yesterdays post raises a significant point about keeping the camera level so the walls are parallel with the sides of the photo. That is, if you shoot from eye level while standing up straight there is a natural tendency to angle the camera down because the camera is higher than all the furniture. This causes the film/sensor plane to be sloped forward which is what causes walls to not be parallel with the edge of the photo.

The solution is to shoot lower. If you shoot at belt or stomach level the camera will naturally be level front-to-back because there is no longer any reason for pointing the camera down. I find myself on my knees when shooting all the time just to keep the camera level. Another solution is to keep the camera on a tripod with a bubble level in the hot shoe. This way you level your camera once and it’s going to stay relatively level from shot to shot. Since I use the hot shoe for my Canon ST-E2 Speedlite Transmitter having a bubble level doesn’t work for me. I just keep watching the verticals in the view finder and then fine tune the verticals with a vertical guide in Photoshop when I’m editing.


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