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Doing a Large Brochure with 3.1 Mega Pixels

Posted by larrylohrman on April 19, 2006

When you are choosing a camera to use for real estate photography mega pixels are a relatively unimportant factor these days. That is, any digital camera you purchase in 2006 will have more than enough mega pixels to do everything you need to do. Yet I continually see people that recommend cameras to real estate agents obsessing about mega pixels.

The reason this is true is that 99% of the use for real estate photographs is for website use or small page size flyers. The typical application that most people think a large mega pixel count is required is for magazine or large brochure creation. In this application you typically need images that are 300 dpi.

I use the image above (the front and back of the folded brochure) as an example of how you get by doing large image 300 dpi printing with a camera that has 3.1 mega pixels. This is an 11”x17” 2 page folded brochure made from an image I shot in 2000 with the CoolPix-995 I was using for real estate photography at that time. I shot in the mode that created a TIFF file and only enlarged the image slightly to fit the 11×17 page. My point is that if I can create an 11×17 300 dpi brochure with a 3.1 mega pixel camera (designed in 1999) you’ll have no problem doing this with any camera on the market in 2006 that have much higher mega pixel counts.

This two page folded brochure is something we do in addition to flyers for the upper-end homes we list. We have them inside the home so only people being shown the home can take one. I print them on 80 lb glossy paper at Kinkos on a large laser printer. They cost between $3 and $4 each but impress both sellers and buyers. We find they are well worth the cost for upper-end homes.

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