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Don’t Forget Your Polarizer

Posted by larrylohrman on April 27, 2006

We spent Monday and Tuesday of this week in Vancouver, WA. I ran across the above image while I was walking around downtown Vancouver. I noticed the lighting mostly because of the polarized sunglasses I wearing. The effect of my sunglasses reminded me to put the polarizer on my camera. I am continually amazed by the wonderful effect a polarizer has on an image. I’ve not significantly altered the saturation of this image. The color contrast and saturation of the greens blues and reds are due just to the effect of the polarizer.

I will go so far as to say every real estate photographer should have a polarizer and use it for all exterior photos. Its effect will be dependent on the amount and direction of sunlight. In the image above it was about 1:30 PM in the afternoon and the sun was at my back as I shot this image. As you look through the view finder rotate the polarizer so the blue in the sky looks darkest. If you are not using a SLR shoot several shots with the polarizer rotated by about ¼ rotation in each shot.

If you want some more details on polarizer’s see:


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