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Sony’s Cyber-shot DSC-R1

Posted by larrylohrman on April 30, 2006

This camera’s 24-120 mm equivalent lens plus a 0.8 x wide angle converter (Sony VCL-DEH08R ) make it an excellent choice for real estate shooters. Another feature important to the interior photographer is the hot shoe that is off center (not directly behind the lens). This means you don’t get those nasty reflections like you do when the flash is directly on the center line of the lens.

This is the first compact digital camera with a built-in lens to employ significantly larger CMOS sensor than previous. The CMOS sensor is significant in that they are low noise and produces images of quality similar to current DSLRs. See Michael Reichmann’s article.

I’m adding the DSC-R1 to my recommended cameras for shooting interiors.


One Response to “Sony’s Cyber-shot DSC-R1”

  1. the R1 with the converter is at the same price as an entry-level DSLR and a really wider lens. This makes the Sony not very competitive in my opinion.

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