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Spherical Panorama Taken from RC Helicam

Posted by larrylohrman on May 10, 2006

More news from Tabb at Tabb has now well on his way to perfecting the process of creating spherical panoramas for his Helicam. Tabb sent me this example shot today. Tabb uses a Canon 5D suspended under the Helicam with a Canon 15mm wide angle lens. The Canon 15mm lens is produces a really crisp, sharp image. Tabb says this particular QuickTime VR image was stitched from 24 shots with PTgui. Anyone who has stitched handheld panoramas can appreciate the difficulty of producing this kind of image from a Helicam! Great job Tabb!


3 Responses to “Spherical Panorama Taken from RC Helicam”

  1. The quicktime is great, indeed, but I still think some standard jpegs could have an equivalent meaning, with the less tech as possible.

    I’ve found a trick for getting a high point of view, fast, cheap and suitable for crowded locations. I extend my tripod the the max, set a ten seconds timer for the shutter, grab the foots of the tripod and stand it arms extended over my head. The camera is 4 meters tall and there is an interesting perspective:

    high perspective on a house (I should have waited for the sun)

  2. Larry said

    Wow! Great example of what a difference an elevated point of view can have. I never would have guessed a difference of just 4 meters would make such a big difference. It looks much higher!

  3. […] the spring of 2006 I did a post on the Aerial photography work that Tabb Firchau does. I also did a post on one of his first 360VR shots that Tabb had done from his RC Helicopter. Well Tabb has taken his […]

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