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Any furniture is better than an empty room

Posted by larrylohrman on May 18, 2006

Back on my April 24 post on Styling and Staging I a pointed out that interior photos of empty rooms should be avoided. If you are the listing agent you should convince the seller not to have empty rooms. If you are the photographer you should convince the listing agent to not shoot empty rooms.

Marc Lacoste gives a great example of what a difference a little furniture can make in the feeling of a room. About the before and after example above Marc says, “Bring your own furniture: I shot today an empty flat. It's depressing, very hard to project yourself in living inside it.We bought some folding chairs and a bench, so I bring them, a Matisse reproduction, a ficus benjamina and a portmanteau. I placed them around the scene a bit, and shot.It's not gonna look like it's inhabited, but it's much more easy to believe you can live in it.I have to bring a carpet and a Coffee table next time.”

As this example shows a few folding chairs, a print on the wall and a potted plant or two can make a big difference in how the empty room feels.

One Response to “Any furniture is better than an empty room”

  1. That’s a very good point. Larry. We run into this problem with a lot of our clients, since we are an Air Force Base Community. At least one out of 10 and probably more leave their homes before their sold. And, they never seem to be content with the job we do without furniture in the home.

    Thanks for the great articles.


    Brad Claghorn, L.L.C.
    (314 256-9252

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