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Photo size is important

Posted by larrylohrman on May 28, 2006

Yesterday I came across a brochure presenting a new upper end home that just came on the market in our area. The photography was stunning. Large, beautifully exposed, bright, crisp photos of nicely lit interiors were printed on 100 lb glossy paper. Several of the shots took up full and half of an 8.5×11” page. This brochure was easily the best done photo brochure that I’ve seen.

After drooling over the photos for a while I thought about finding the online version of these photos so I could show them to the readers of this blog. I found some of the photos but they are so small and disappointing they are not worth showing. Even though many of the online photos are professionally done some of the exact same photos printed on the brochure they are a disappointment because they are so small (many are just 3×2”). The reduced photo size completely removes the impact and excitement of the brochure.

For me this experience demonstrates some important trends in real estate marketing photography:

  1. The impact of a photo is highly related to its size. That is, large high quality photos create high impact in what ever medium you are using. Small photos don’t have the same impact.
  2. Websites in general still don’t complete with flyers and brochures for creating impact and excitement with photography because they restrict photo size.
  3. Websites typically restrict photo size because in the recent past internet users didn’t have bandwidth enough to easily view large photos. There are exceptions such as that uses 800×600 photos.

Even though virtually all real estate websites currently restrict photo size most consumers of real estate photography that I’m aware of have high speed cable access. So what do you do about this contradiction? I believe as consumers of real estate websites you should use every opportunity to get real estate website operators and virtual tour providers to increase the size of photos. The choices of virtual tours you use are one way to get larger photo sizes than the standard real estate websites. So choose virtual tour vendors that give you large photos.

I host my own virtual tours so; I’m going to start using full screen tours. For example this is the format that I’m going to use for my virtual tours.


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