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We’ve moved

Posted by larrylohrman on June 4, 2006

As you probably have noticed, we have moved our blog hosting from to For the last week we've been having technical problems. We've not been able to post and it turns out that it is easier to move to than to fix the problem. And I think the wordpress format is an improvement over the format. Our new URL is:

One of the benefits of the move for readers is that the wordpress format allows better visibility to the over 90 posts we now have in the PFR blog. The category list on the left-hand side of the page allows you to find all posts by category. Recent questions from readers have indicated that readers have been having trouble finding posts by subject. I believe the format will help this problem. I've been having trouble finding links to old post myself.

My objective is to preserve all the features of the Photography For Real Estate blog and add new features. Let me know what you think.

Update on 6/4/06:

I've noticed there are still a few probems with the posts and photo sizing. Some posts link back to the old blog. I'm in the process of fixing these problems. The feedblitz subscribing link is a little different here on since they don't allow forms in the sidebar. The feed here on wordpress is RSS not Atom like it was on blogger. If you've subscribed via feedbliz or feedburner you will now get a feed from this blog location. If this feed jargon doesn't make sense to you should be OK. The old blog address redirects to this blog.


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