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Reader Profile: Sharon Nyman

Posted by larrylohrman on June 5, 2006

This post is the first in a series of articles that feature readers of PRE (Photography for Real Estate). The idea is to showcase the work of readers and describe something about their equipment and process.

Sharon Nyman is a Century 21 agent in Key Largo, Florida. Sharon’s website is Sharon uses a Canon EOS Digital Rebel with a Canon EFS 18-55mm lens and a Canon Speedlight 420 EX. Sharon uses Photoshop Elements and does photo editing on nearly every photograph. Sharon says: “…I have always tried to get the best shots possible. Now with the online listings and the ability to display multiple photos, it becomes critical to have acceptable, if not spectacular photographs. I took some photography courses in college and I read or go online for tips on the latest software”.

As you will notice from Sharon’s Properties page she uses Real Tour Vision as a virtual tour provider. She purchased the tour creation software from Real Tour Vision and shoots, stitches and uploads her own tours. The tours are hosted on the Real Tour Vision website. She chose Real Tour Vision as a tour vendor about a year ago since there were no full service tour providers in her area. She evaluated all the tour vendors she could find decided on Real Tour Vision because it appeared to be the best available at the time.

Sharon comments about her success with her Real Tour Vision tours: “Last summer a buyer saw the first tour I did and came to the Keys to see the property. While he was standing in the house he called his wife at home and told her to look at the tour. She liked it. They ended up buying the home without his wife coming to seeing it. Sales price $3,700,000.”

As you can see from the exterior photos of her listed properties she uses a polarizing filter on almost all of her external photos. Her outside shots have that characteristic polarizing filter look where the sky is dark blue and the clouds are white and dramatic. A polarizer is particularly effective and noticeable since Sharon is shooting in the tropics with lots of sun.

Sharon uses her Canon 420 EX flash on some of her interior shots. She is still working on her flash technique.

I think you will agree that Sharon is doing a great job of presenting her listed properties photographically.


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