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Using Wide Angle Lenses Effectively

Posted by larrylohrman on June 7, 2006

Today I ran across two articles on wide angle lenses. Wide angle lenses are essential equipment for real estate photographers and it’s important to understand all the strange behaviors of wide angle lenses. These articles go into some depth on some of these strange behaviors that you’ll need to control when using a wide angle lens.

The first article, by Roman Zolin called “Techniques – Wide Angle Lens” has a interesting description of Perspective Stretch and dynamics and distortion inherent in wide angle lenses.

The second article by Nelson Tan goes into even more depth and explains issues like exposure problems caused by wide angle lenses, dynamic diagonals, corner distortion, vignetting, lens flare. Nelson gives tips on how to manage these problems.

One caution I would raise about Nelson’s comments on dynamic diagonals is that Nelson is not coming from the perspective of an interior photographer. Nelson promotes the use of dynamic diagonals (where parallel lines converge when you tilt the camera upwards or downwards). dynamic diagonals may be acceptable when shooting landscape or more art oriented images but when shooting architecture and interiors nothing is more distracting than walls that aren’t parallel with the sides of the photograph. See how many interior shots you can find in Architectural Digest that have walls that aren’t parallel with the sides of the photos… none. Those shots don’t get past the editors.

This “falling wall” problem is probably the single biggest problem with real estate photos. The only problem that is more wide spread is not using a wide angle lens in the first place.


2 Responses to “Using Wide Angle Lenses Effectively”

  1. Hey, thanks for referring to my article. Though could you please correct my name? 🙂 It’s Zolin, not Solin 🙂


  2. Hi! I came across a great camera that has a dual lens that fits many needs in Real Estate photography. It is the Kodak V570 Dual Lens camera. Check it out! It is very, very good for the novice photographer. It has given me a huge advantage in my marketplace.

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