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Kris Dick – Sydney Australia

Posted by larrylohrman on June 22, 2006

Kris Dick, a real estate photographer working in the Sydney, Australia area sent us another example of a before and after staging a room. Kris uses a stager or stylist that specializes in residential interiors when ever the budget allows. The above photo is a recent example before and after the stager did their thing. This is a great example of how with out the furniture it's difficult to even get a feel for the size of the room.

Kris says:

"With regards to my setup, the majority of the photographs on my website were
shot with a Canon 10D and a Sigma 15-30 lens. The 15-30 is a great lens on a
cropped frame camera, but its limitations really show on the Canon 5D that I
recently upgraded to. I still use it for bathrooms or incredibly tight rooms
where the 15mm becomes invaluable. I'll hopefully be replacing it with a
Canon 16-35 or 17-40 soon.

On the 5D I've been using Canons fantastic 24mm TS-E Tilt-Shift lens, which
gives the same field of view as the 15-30 did on my 10D, but with the added
advantages of being able to shift to correct converging verticals. After
using the TS-E for a while now I'm beginning to wonder how I lived without

With regards to lighting, I nearly always use available light only. I do
carry two Canon flashes which can be wirelessly controlled if there are any
areas of an interior which really need bit of extra light, but for the most
part I find that shooting on a tripod and bracketing the exposures works
very well if you have time to put towards some masking and blending in
Photoshop after the shoot.

I've found that carrying some daylight balanced light-bulbs of different
strengths can be helpful if the lights in the property are too yellow or
orange, or even if they're just too dim or blown!"

Kris's website is Check out the interior shots on Kris's  two "real estate" pages.

Kris's use of daylight balanced light-bulbs is an interesting technique that was very prevalent when everyone shot film and it was relatively difficult to change the white balance after the shot was made. I read some place that Better Homes and Gardens photographers used to routinely change all the light bulbs in a home to daylight balanced bulbs before starting a shoot. This technique can still save allot of photo editing time or it can eliminate the situation where you have a mixture of daylight coming from the windows and incandescent light coming from interior lighting.

Thanks Kris for the examples and the information on your setup.


5 Responses to “Kris Dick – Sydney Australia”

  1. Wow. I haven’t the time to make such high impact photos, but I wish I could.

  2. And I will buy those bulbs.

  3. I received them, here is a first try, combined with panorama tryouts

  4. bedroom rectilinear panorama

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