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How to Photograph Interiors – NYIP

Posted by larrylohrman on June 24, 2006

I just ran across a great little article on How to Photograph Interiors on the NYIP site. At NYIP they teach a three step method for setting up photographs:

  1. Know your subject
  2. Focus attention of your subject
  3. Simplify

The article demonstrates how to apply these three steps to shooting interior photographs. I like this approach. The article has several good examples of distractions that can take attention away from the real subject of the photograph. I’ve done past posts on many of these sources of distraction. Things like walls not being straight, burnt-out windows and odd room geometry.

This three step approach is a powerful way to sum up the overall process an interior photographer needs to be going through to create great images. I think it is also a useful framework in which to talk about the process of making good images. Many Real estate images are full of distractions that prevent viewers from focusing attention on the subject.

When I think about distractions I can’t help but thinking about the photo above I shoot of the master bath in a listing we had a couple of years ago. At the time I thought it was a pretty good shot. But when my wife Levi looked at the photo the open drawer in the lower right foreground was very distracting to her. I was so busy when doing the shot I’d not taken time to even notice. I ended up being able to “shut” the drawer in Photoshop but it took allot more time than it would have to just close it before making the shot.


One Response to “How to Photograph Interiors – NYIP”

  1. As of Feb 7,2007 the how to photograph interiors link above is gone. Please see which is similar info only expanded for the real estate business.

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