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More Details: A Reason To Use Virtual Tours

Posted by larrylohrman on June 29, 2006

We are in process of purchasing a home in Salem, Oregon so this last week we’ve been doing the home buyer thing. During our home search I noticed a nice touch to photographing interiors that Brian Purnell a Realtor in the Clackamas, Oregon area uses. Brian is with Windermere (a real estate company) and Windermere provides their own Virtual Tour or extended photo gallery for each of their own in house listings. This Virtual tour format allows for pretty much unlimited number of photos. So Brian makes very good use of this by not only showing wide shots of room but also many detailed close-up photos of interesting finishing details. Here is an example. Click on the “photo gallery” and then on one of the room links along the left-hand side like “Front Hall”. Notice that after a wide-shot of the front hall Brian adds a number of close up shots of things like the stair rails, the wrought iron twist box balusters and the wrought iron light fixtures. In the dining room series he shows close-up shots of the mill work and the floor detail.

We looked a this particular home and I can say that this is a very effective way to present this home. We found the exterior unimpressive yet when we went inside we were stunned  by the finish details. In fact, the pinkish exterior was so offensive we would have not gone inside if it weren’t for the massive number of detailed interior photos that Brian provided on the photo gallery.

So my point in all this is, since all real estate web sites I know of are limited to from 4 to 15 photos you can’t waste those limited shots on close-up shots of wrought iron twist box balusters. It’s essential that you include a wide shot of all the main rooms and the front an back… this will easily use up 15 shots. So to be able to present finish detail like Brian does on the home above you need to depend on a virtual tour format that will allow a huge number of photos or a way to show all  the details in a room. As Brian’s presentation of this home shows using a huge number of detailed photos is a good alternative.

Good job Brian and Angela!


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