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André Gant – Immaculate Imagery

Posted by larrylohrman on July 26, 2006

Last week I talked to André Gant who is a professional photographer working out of the San Antonio, TX area. As you can see from his web site André does mostly weddings and portraiture but is in the process of expanding his work to include real estate photography. The photograph above is one of the series he showed me that he took to for a proposal to a builder in his area. André took a series of shots of the builders new homes and made a presentation to the builder to show what he could do. This is an effective way to expand your business. Medium and large scale builders are constantly in need of recent images to promote their product on web sites and in brochures. For a real estate photographer, A few relationships with builders can go along ways to keeping a constant flow of business.

I André’s interior shots are nicely lit. He uses A Quantum flash system on his Canon 5D with a single umbrella when shooting interiors. For those of you not familiar with flash umbrella’s you setup your flash unit (triggered remotely from a wireless transmitter mounted in the hot-shoe of your camera body) to flash into a silver or white coated umbrella. The light from the umbrella is diffused and reflected towards the room you are shooting. For more information on umbrellas see “lighting 101” on the strobist blog.

I’ve not tried using an umbrella with my flash system but after seeing the results that André is getting with one I think I’m going to add an umbrella to my kit. Using an umbrella requires a lighting stand or extra tripod to mount the umbrella on so there’s more gear to carry but it may well be worth it. More on my results with a umbrella later.

Another tip André passed along it that with a given placement of the tripod he shoots shots with and without flash and then is able to pin register two images shot in different light as layers in Photoshop. By doing this you can easily blend elements of one image with the other image creating a composite of two or more images shot from identically the same position. This is similar to some of my previous posts on dealing with burned out windows.

As André says, “ is photography” so these techniques he is use to using in the wedding and portrait environment work just fine doing interiors.


3 Responses to “André Gant – Immaculate Imagery”

  1. How did you see his images? I couldn’t find them on his website. I’m intriqued by his technique and as always I’m interested in new techniques. What would be the advantage of using an umbrella? Would this make the light more even? The diffuser on the 580ex does a pretty darn good job on it’s own.

    I’ve thought about approaching contractors. One more gig…

  2. Andre gave me a link to his client area that is no longer active. I’ve tried to contact Andre with some follow up questions on details of the umbrella and the Quantum flash that he uses but haven’t heard back from him yet. From what I’ve read on umbrellas, one may need a more powerful flash than a 580EX to fill a room.

    When I contact him I’m see if he will let me link to his interior shots.

  3. For readers asking about seeing Andre’s interior images, he is getting permission from his client before I can post a link. Andre says he uses 2 Quantum T5D (150 watt-seconds) portable strobe and a larger (450 watt-second)portable strobe all with translucent umbrellas. He will be sending more details soon.

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