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Are Bad Photos Worse than No Photos?

Posted by larrylohrman on August 3, 2006

In our area agents send e-mail flyers to other agents to promote their listings. Since I’m a licensed agent and have my e-mail address on the mailing list of the companies that distribute agent flyers I get at least 10 or 15 of these e-mails a day. Since I’m interested in real estate photography and the each have 3 or 4 photos so I critique the photography before I delete the e-mail from my in-box.

Most (probably 80%) of the photos are pretty reasonable. Every once in a while there are some stunning shots. And about 5 to 10% of the photos are awful! Today an e-mail flyer showed up in my in-box that totally amazed me. I used to be of the opinion that nothing was worse than having no photos on a listing. But after seeing these photos I have to reconsider.

The photo above was the lead photo. The other 3 photos on the flyer were of equal quality and effectiveness. At first I thought maybe this was a joke. But after realizing that the agent had to pay between $100 and $200 to distribute the flyer to the 2000 or so agents in our area. I took the time to go look at the other listings on the MLS. All the photos were similar to the ones on the flyer.

I’m thinking that photos like these not only don’t promote the property but they detract from the professional image of the agent.


2 Responses to “Are Bad Photos Worse than No Photos?”

  1. It’s just hard to believe how bad they can get. I came across this house on a walk and took their flyer than checked out their photos on the listings website. View discretion advised!

    I sent them an email offering to take professional photos for them. I’m still awaiting their reply.

    When I tell my friends about my real estate photography, I frequently hear comments about the awful photos they view when they are doing a home search. One friend told me about a dark photo of living room with a vacuum cleaner in the center of the photo. Since then, I’ve made an effort not to photograph vacuum cleaners.

  2. Lena said

    Hi ,

    I’m a Realtor in Arkansas and I am blown away by some of the listing photo’s I have seen here.(Or the lack of photo’s)
    6 month listings expired because , hey no photo’s!
    Or photo’s like this:

    (well, I can’t post the photo’s ) ACK!

    I was about to do a rant on my blog about this…but it’s bedtime.

    Check it out tomorrow at

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