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Real Estate Photo of the week

Posted by larrylohrman on August 5, 2006

I’ve decided to start a new feature of Photography For Real Estate. I’m going regularly feature a Real Estate photo that I feel is noteworthy. I think it’s worth while to think and talk about why a photo works or doesn’t work. So I’m going to do a short analysis of why I think a photo works or doesn’t and I encourage readers to use comments to agree or disagree or add to the analysis. It’s always easy to say “yea, I like that photo” or “no, I don’t” but it’s always harder to say why and what factors make it work or not work.

The above photo is my first choice. It came to my attention as the primary photo on an e-mail flyer. The reasons I like this photo are:

  • I like the light. The light feels bright and crisp without being too bright. I think the quality of light is to some extent created by the broken clouds. The shadows are not extensive so they don’t distract.
  • The high angle of view is what first caught my eye. My guess is this is taken from the window of a home across the street. This high angle of view is always hard to get and always enhances the shot. If this home were shot from street level it would probably be ugly and a struggle to get keep the walls vertical. This high angle look is why people pay for heli shots, shots from telescoping masts, shots from balloons and the like. A side benefit of the high angle is you can see the roof material and the fact that the home has skylights, some thing you wouldn’t see from a street level shot.
  • It’s probably an accident but the fact that this is a 3/4 view (that is not straight on) gives the home depth and allows you to see one of the sides of the house.
  • The photo gives a feel of the neighborhood. That is, you can see the spacing between homes the landscaping, a peek at the backyard without these things distracting from the main strong image of the home.
  • The home has a pleasant design. Of coarse the photographer didn’t have control of the design but let’s face it the design or street appeal is a big factor in the feeling of the photo.

This agent is doing a nice job of marketing this home and neighborhood with great images. Here is the virtual tour. I’m partial to this type of flash virtual tour with a series of photos. I’d rather the photos were a bit larger but this is a nice tour.

So what do you think? Don’t be bashful. Use the comment feature.


One Response to “Real Estate Photo of the week”

  1. This image is about as good as it gets. Especially for a daylight image. Most of the factors which make this a good image were not under the control of the photographer, as you mention the design of the house as a key factor, the available light and the excellent vantage point. I can’t tell if we are looking at the front of the house or not.

    If you can bring in the side of the house it adds so much more to the image a conveying more accurately what the property looks like

    Interestingly, there was an article about Real Estate on the front page of the local paper and the image they used was about as bad as it gets.

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