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Success With My Slave SB-26 Flash!

Posted by larrylohrman on August 23, 2006

I got some reader suggestions on how to solve the problem of a shadow from the wide-angle converter when using my Nikon SB-26 as a slave to my Coolpix-4300’s built-in flash.

Randy pointed out that if the slave flash was firing at the same time as the built-in flash because of it’s power compared to the built-in flash it should make the shadow from the wide-angle converter go away.

 As Randy said:

“I would think the SB-26 would overpower the wimpy built in flash. Are you sure you were using it in the right mode. Most digital cameras fire a pre-flash to judge exposure prior to taking the actual picture. To the human eye it looks like one flash, but in fact there are actually two(maybe even three if you have red-eye reduction on). Standard optical slaves will fire on this first flash and have no impact on the image…”

He was right on. I tried the “delay” feature on the SB-26 but that only made a slight improvement. The slave was still not firing when the CoolPix-4300’s shutter was open. After trying all the flash modes on the SB-26 I finally got the result above when I put the SB-26 on Multiple-image-flash mode. “Multiple flash mode” fires the flash multiple times and at least one of the times is while the shutter is open.

The moral is when using a slave flash you have to make sure the slave is firing while the shutter is open.


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