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Rentals Need Real Estate Photography Too

Posted by larrylohrman on September 12, 2006

We have several rentals and in the last year we’ve moved completely to finding renters on Craigslist has become the rental marketing medium of choice worldwide because it’s free and it is extremely effective. When ever I put a rental ad on craigslist I link to a 360VR tour or a tour. We always find a renter within a week or two at the most and many times we have our choice of multiple parties that want to rent. More than once we have had out of state parties commit to rent without physically seeing the property. This phenomena is obviously a result of extensive photos.

I’m puzzled that more ads on craigslist don’t link to more  and better photos. Craigslist ads allow four small photos but having more has obvious huge advantages. I suppose it’s just like homes for sale listings, people putting up the rental ads up don’t understand how much difference good photos make.

You real estate photographers should realize that people renting properties are a market for your work as well as people selling homes. In fact I think it is easier to justify the cost of hiring a professional photographer to promote ones rental properties. Photos for rental ads can be used over and over again each time you need a new renter.


One Response to “Rentals Need Real Estate Photography Too”

  1. vFlyer (rolled out in Oct.) is a great tool to use for posting to craigslist. They host the ad images and layout there, and provide the code to add to craigslist. Plus the code and images are conveniently stored for reposting weekly. They had some problems with the “craigslist posting tool” about 2 weeks ago but i think it has been resolved.

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