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Photo of The Week: A View From The Water

Posted by larrylohrman on September 14, 2006

Here’s a photo of a 2.5 million dollar Lake Washington water front home taken from the water front. Wow, what a concept! I think that the water front view is the most important view for any water front home. I see too many photos of water front homes taken only from the homes point of view. Not that the view from the home is not important but the view from the water usually shows the bank and dock better and frequently shows the architecture of the home better than any other view.

I’ll have to admit that getting a shot like this adds some logistical challenges to the real estate photo shot. You’ll need a boat. Preferably a boat that is as high off the water as possible. This is one situation where a heli-cam might be the best choice since you could take shots from different heights and different distances.

This photo gives a good feel of all the water front related features in addition to the yard and architecture of the home. The only thing that bothers me about this image from an aesthetic point of view is the big boat moored on the right hand side is a little distracting because you really can’t see the whole boat.

Notice the three rubber duckies on the arms of the chairs on the dock.


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