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Photograph Architecture Not Furniture

Posted by larrylohrman on September 15, 2006

I just got a comment from a Realtor that is starting to do her own real estate photography because she is dissatisfied with the work that professional real estate photographers in her area are doing. I think her comments amplify the previous post I did on “Your Mission: Photograph Homes and Rooms“. She said:

“…As a Real Estate agent that is disgruntled with some of the local options for Real Estate photographers, I am definitely to the point where I am ready to do my own shoots. It seems a far better alternative than paying top dollar for photos with burned out windows and bad composition. I refuse to pay even another dollar for a photo in which the television becomes the focal point of a room…I’d rather keep creative control in my own hands than pay someone to give me a photo of a Great Room with gorgeous architectural appointments, yet the TV still somehow entered in as the focal point…”

What a real estate photographer needs to do while shooting is to have a feel for the architecture. Think about the architecture and what architectural features are important in the home you are photographing. Shoot photos that show architectural features. Many times furniture needs to be moved out of the way because it blocks an architectural feature like a beautiful fire place. Furniture is important mainly to establish scale and suggest elegance and style. Don’t be afraid to move furniture out of the way to get the view you need.

An example of what I’m talking about is the photo above I took of my rec room recently. An astute Realtor pointed out to me that the most important architectural features of this rec room are the fireplace and the wall of windows and in this photo you can see the windows very well and I have the fire place completely blocked with furniture.


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