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Same Room After Rearranging Furniture

Posted by larrylohrman on September 16, 2006

This photograph is of the same room as my last post but with the furniture rearranged so that the furniture doesn’t block the beautifully designed fireplace mantle. Also, the wall of windows is now more visible. It took about 20 minutes to move the furniture and then move it back after the shot but I think you will agree it’s worth the effort to get this shot.

This photograph shows off the main two architectual features of this room, the fire place and the windows, and the furniture only serves to give scale and style to the shot where as the photo in the previous post is more about the furniture than the room.

To get this shot I had to move the large (very heavy) table that was in front of the fire place completely out of view and the second couch out of the way. Ideally to do this kind of rearranging on a photo-shoot the home owner would be there to help or at least have given their permission to move around furniture. Also, this furniture movement was a two person job. I couldn’t have done it by myself without dragging furniture on the floor that would risk making marks on the tile.

Another detail worth mentioning making this shot my zoom was set at 24mm whereas the shot below on the previous post it was more like 16mm. The ultrawide 16mm shot acentuates perspective giving the room a “bowling alley” look which is not appealing. I think in this situation its better to show an important corner of the room instead of trying to include the whole room.

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