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Aerial Views: A Big Factor in Real Estate Photography

Posted by larrylohrman on September 26, 2006

Adam Mauer from proposed that the solution to my problem of a home that is not photogenic that I was talking about in my last post is to shoot an aerial shot from a mast. Adam sent the street level example above and the aerial shot below that he took from his telescoping mast at a height of less than 40 feet.

I’m becoming a believer in high-angle low aerial photography. Adam’s examples above, Mark Lacoste’s example and Bruce Vinal’s example of what you can do with fairly simple techniques of getting your camera 10 to 30 feet off the ground are very compelling. I think being able to do aerial photography is a very important component of real estate photography. As many as 10 to 20% of homes I see in traditional front shots can benefit from an aerial view. A shot like Adam’s example above is extremely effective.

As far as re-shooting the front of my home we are selling, I lost most of my motivation for reshooting any of the photos since I think we have a buyer. Three days on the market is all I can handle. Being a home seller is hard work! Now I have to focus on starting to pack.


2 Responses to “Aerial Views: A Big Factor in Real Estate Photography”

  1. John Sembrot said

    How about this piece of hardware?

  2. John, Yes I’m anxious to try one of these tall monopods. Also see another brand discussed in: by another reader

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