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Photographing Architecture And Interiors by Julius Shulman

Posted by larrylohrman on September 28, 2006

Today while going through some of my old books I ran across one of my favorites: Photographing Architecture And Interiors by Julius Shulman. Shulman, who is now in his 90’s, has photographed for many of the great American architects of the last 70 years. In particular Shulman’s clients were architects like Richard Neutra, Raphael Soriano and Frank Lloyd Wright. Shulman is kind of the Edward Weston of Architectural photography. Frank Lloyd Wright said Shulman was the best architectural photographer that he had ever worked with. How’s that for an endorsement?

The book has essentially all black and white photos and the technical discussions are all about 4×5 view cameras and Hasselblads but the photographs are all stunning. I remember originally being turned off by this book when I got it because it didn’t seem technically relevant to present day real estate photography. But over time the elegance of Shulman’s interior and exterior architectural images has “grown on me”. He has many sequences of images taken at different perspectives or in the same place with different lenses that are very instructive. He has taught and lectured extensively about architectural and interior photography.

If you are serious about photographing Architecture this is a book you should spend some time with. Shulman may well be the greatest living Architectural photographer.


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