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Adobe Lightroom is In Your Future

Posted by larrylohrman on September 29, 2006

For anyone that shoots allot of digital photos Adobe Lightroom is probably going to be in your future. A public beta 4 for both the Mac and Windows is now available for download. Adobe Light Room will eventually replace Photoshop for photographers. The first release of Lightroom is expected some time in early 2007. This first release will probably not replace Photoshop but later releases probably will.

Lightroom is designed specifically for digital photographers whereas Photoshop was designed for graphics designers 16 years ago and has been widely adopted by photographers because it does allot of what they want. Lightroom is a database that manages all the photos you have and allows efficient sort, comparing, cropping, adjusting and printing. Although you currently can do all the adjustments that camera-raw allows my guess is that photographers are going to fall in love with Lightroom and demand that pixel editing functions currently missing from light room be added.

I’ve been using Lightroom for as long as it’s been available for Windows (couple of months) and it is a very smooth and usable already. I used it recently to do a project where I needed to create a photographic presentation for a home owners association regarding the use of new darker colors on homes. I drove around the Seattle area for a couple of days shooting shots of new construction homes that illustrated the use of new dark colors. I ended up with over 100 shots. Lightroom allowed me to very quickly sort through and choose the photos I wanted to use, do minor exposure, saturation and tonal adjustments and them print the photos for a printed presentation. This whole process would have taken at least 5 times as long using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements than it did with Lightroom.

Lightroom is a very different environment than Photoshop but once you use it a while it’s a very quick and easy way to do all the things you need to do with photos except pixel editing. For now, if you need Photoshop you can pass an image to Photoshop much like the CS2 Bridge works. I think Lightroom will become a big part of how I work with images.


3 Responses to “Adobe Lightroom is In Your Future”

  1. John Sembrot said

    I am surprised noone is commenting on this software. Maybe they are talked out from the other sites. Here are some good resources off the adobe forums that are bit more conversational and offer practical usage info.

    I think the Adobe Vision is becoming clearer,, and the whole Photoshop replacement idea has really gotten legs. I do see it and am tempted. The fact though is that I am quite happy with my Capture One, Imatch, Qimage workflow. I do not think that as of yet Lightroom can outperform these individually, but Adobe has the resources and I am sure they will give a college try. ie. Millions of dollars. The links above already talk about some exceptional tools like the Histogram. I recently was playing around and was working with a “Fill” function that appeared to be a sophisticated Shadow and Highlight with exceptional results.

    The majorr paradigm shift for me is seeing how all this is done with the Raw file and you then export the all changes when you are done with project. Something about xmp sidecars holding all the development info until ready to export. The printing I have heard is problematic and as long as anyone of the three is weak I would have to keep my triad.

    Will it dominate? Should someone atleast be familiar with it? What will the retail be? Capture one will be shipping an overhaul of their version soon, and I am sure it will be about 2 mths before the final Lightroom. I will have to make a decision then. I will probablly be offered a C1 upgrade for $150, and I bet Lightroom comes in at $278.36. 😉

    J Sembrot

  2. John, Thanks for all the great Lightroom resources. I have the DVD on Lightroom that the link above reffers to and I highly recommend it. It gives allot of insight into how to use Lightroom in it’s current form. I particularily like the interview with Mark Hamberg, the Lightroom architect. He discusses his perspective on how Lightroom has and will evolve.

  3. Drew King said

    Im impressed. I just grabed the beta and wow, it does make some of the work go by faster.
    I spend more time cleaning up shots (like dumpsters, outhouses etc) from the shot, and making low res copies, im not sure how this will help , if they port photoshop into it than id consider a purchase.

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