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Photo of The Week – Twilight Shot of Sydney Area Home

Posted by larrylohrman on October 2, 2006

This nicely executed twilight shot was done by Con Poulos who is a real estate photographer in the Sydney, Australia area. I featured an interior shot of Con’s back on August 17. Con sent me a series of shots back in August when we were talking about natural lighting vs using a flash for interiors. An I ran across them again just yesterday and as particularly attracted by this one.

I think this is a particularly well executed early twilight shot. I like how the warm incandescent color of the interior lights complement the blues of the pool and sky. Also, the 3/4 angle (not straight on) illustrates the series of insets and decks that go from camera left to right. Con has cropped out the surrounding buildings. I know from experience that removing from view the neighboring properties and street is always a challenge.

This image would represent this property well if it were the only shot available on an ad. Although, a secondary shot illustrating the view off the balcony in the opposite direction of this shot would be interesting. I assume the opposite direction is street and not a wonderful beach.

The only short coming I see with this photo is that the outside spots are slightly distracting. I mention this since this is a problem I’ve run into myself shooting twilight shots. Some homes have more of these spots than others and they can be very bright. These are not as bad as some I’ve seen. It can be worth your while to spend some time finding how to shut them off. Sometimes they will turn off if you just stand still for long enough, i.e they have motion sensors.


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