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Use The Twilight to Cover-up Blemishes

Posted by larrylohrman on October 12, 2006

Twilight exterior shots can add drama to otherwise uninteresting exteriors. They also can hide blemishes. The twilight photo above and it’s companion daylight photo below is a great example of this dual purpose of twilight images.

The twilight version above is very simple visually. It shows the architecture through the lighted windows and barely lit roof. It also reveals the water and enough details of the dock so you know there is some kind of dock from the boat in the lower left. I like the whitish blue color of the house and boat and how it complements the yellowish light of the windows.

When you compare the daylight version with the twilight version you see there only a few essential details that are in the daylight version. The details of the decks, the grassy area around the house and the treed setting can’t be seen in the twilight version. The large tree in the right center becomes more obvious in the daylight version. In the twilight version you can’t even tell this is a wooded setting. Other unessential detail like the woodpile, the power pole and the power-lines are completely eliminated by the twilight.
This ability of a twilight image to exclude details can be very useful when you want to exclude ugly details like the street or the neighboring houses around a home.

One thing I’ve noticed about twilight shots is that you need to talk to the client or seller when using a twilight shot. Strangely, not everyone likes twilight shots. I find some of my clients ask for a twilight shot and some clients don’t like even what I consider my finest twilight shots. So be sure to talk the concept over with your client.

Usually, a twilight shot takes a special trip back so if you are photographer you’ll want to charge extra for a twilight shot. I find that there is never time to shoot a good twilight shot at the same time I’m shooting the interior.


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