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Helium Ballon For Real Estate Photography

Posted by larrylohrman on October 20, 2006

About a month ago I did a post on Bruce Vinal’s (Aerial Perspectives Townsend, MA) helium ballon he uses for real estate photography. Yesterday Derrick commented that he’s like to have a more detailed look at Bruce’s rig. So Bruce looked through his files and was kind enough to send us a photo of the ballon ready to fly. If you click on the cropped photo above a larger version is displayed. Although this shot doesn’t show a great deal of detail of the electronics it gives a good sense of the overall construction.

The larger version shows Bruce ready to reel out the control line with a power drill… Interesting.

By the way, in the first post I said Bruce was from Concord, MA. My mistake, he is from Townsend and the photos in the last post were in Concord, MA.

Thanks Bruce.


2 Responses to “Helium Ballon For Real Estate Photography”

  1. I met a franchisee of in July. They have a network in France, he was willing to charge ~120€ for a few aerials. They have a serious equipment, and the franchise is well conceived.

  2. Steve said

    Does anyone know anybody who does this in the Philadelphia area?

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