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Making a PDF Slide-show With Adobe Album Starter Edition 3.0

Posted by larrylohrman on April 9, 2007

Have you noticed Adobe Album Starter Edition? I frankly don’t even know how I got Adobe Album Starter Edition 3.0 on my machine. It could have been when I installed Lightroom 1.0 or when I installed Photoshop Elements 5.0. I think I even removed it once since I didn’t recognize it or know where it came from.

A couple of days ago M James Northen sent me an example of a PDF slide show that he’d made with Adobe Album Starter Edition. It turns out this pesky little application actually has a good use. M James made this slide-show for one of his clients, Dale Sorenson Real Estate of Vero Beach, FL.

I’ve made similar PDF slide shows with Adobe Acrobat but had no idea you could also make similar slide-shows with Adobe Album SE 3.0. PDF slide-shows are handy because they can be emailed, put on a CD to give to a client or played without an Internet connection.

Thanks M. James for passing this idea along.


One Response to “Making a PDF Slide-show With Adobe Album Starter Edition 3.0”

  1. That seems kinda cool but it also seems to be for windows only which is ok. I use Keynote for that function on my Mac and really like the final result.

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