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Top 5 Selling DSLRs As of February 2007

Posted by larrylohrman on May 5, 2007 reports the top 5 DSLRs for Feb. Canon Digital Rebel XTI and Nikon D40 took the top two spots respectively. The D40 has moved from #3 to number #2 since January of 2007.

I’ve been talking to agents that are in the process of upgrading from non-DSLRs and they are choosing to upgrade to models on this list. One point of discussion has been does the Sigma 10-20mm auto focus on the D40. After some research our interpretation is that it does since it has an auto focus motor in the lens (the D40 doesn’t have an auto focus motor). It also appears that the SB-600 and SB-800 will work on the D40.

If any one has experience with these combinations please let us know.


6 Responses to “Top 5 Selling DSLRs As of February 2007”

  1. One of my new co-workers bought this combination following my advice: D40 + Sigma 10-20 + SB-600. It’s great. Cheap, wide, excellent results. The review screen is great, color accurate, large and bright.

    The D40 light meter is optimized for consumer use, it produces lighter results than other nikons – I use a D50 and a D70 – and this is great for our needs. The matrix metering is really across the full scene, not center-weighted like the D70, which was ending with often +3/4 exposure compensation. I would be afraid of the only 2 stops exposure compensation of the canons.

    I’m certainly biased towards Nikon, but given that they have the same features, I think the ergonomics made them a little better than Canon.

  2. Corey Shelton said

    Has anyone confirmed that the Sigma 10-20mm actually DOES auto focus. I agree that it should, but it’d be nice to hear that someone has the D40 with the Sigma 10-20mm and has actually had it work for them.

    BTW, this site is a Godsend, thanks Larry,

    Corey Shelton

  3. Corey,
    Yes, I’ve verified with Sidney Jimenez ( that the Sigma 10-20mm does in fact auto focus on the D40. Sidney says:

    “Yes, the combination works and the Sigma is fully automatic. I LOVE THE COMBINATION.”

  4. Michael said

    Should be renamed as top 5 value dslrs, those presented aren’t by far the top 5

  5. So what are the top 5 sellers? PopPhoto’s list are the ones I’d have predicted.

  6. Michael said

    Oh, it’s SELLERS … sorry guys…

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