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Draganfly R/C Helicopter: Inexpensive Aerial Photography

Posted by larrylohrman on May 6, 2007

John Sembrot just pointed out an post from last year that talks about the Draganfly R/C helicopter that would be great for doing sub aerial real estate photography. This build it yourself rig is only $2500, only one fourth the cost of most electric helicopters that I’ve heard about.

If you trace back the links to the company that sells the kit (Draganfly Innovations, Inc ) they have a great little video on their site that describes the Draganfly.


3 Responses to “Draganfly R/C Helicopter: Inexpensive Aerial Photography”

  1. aaronleitz said

    I want that!!! Seriously….I almost pulled out the credit card.

  2. John Sembrot said

    The referrence below is from last week, when I saw it.

  3. How good can the images be from this? I’m almost sure that if you tried to make a print ad from it the quality wouldn’t be there. I could be wrong but some how I doubt it.

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