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Scott Hargis Images on

Posted by larrylohrman on May 9, 2007

I just noticed the photostream by Scott Hargis a San Francisco area real estate photographer. Scott has added some commentary to each of his interior shots about his lighting setup. Scott uses multiple (3 or 4) strobes for his lighting. I believe he works with a 20D and 14mm lens. Great example of what can be done with multiple strobes.

Scott’s website has a nice gallery (made with Lightroom Slideshow feature) of his new work.


5 Responses to “Scott Hargis Images on”

  1. Scott has does some amazing work. I’ve been following his stream through and Flickr for some time now. He is actually looking for someone to handle some interior photography work in the East Bay San Fran area. Check here:

  2. wow! Scott has got some amazing images, The clarity and consitant fill of light makes for a perfect image.

    When you say he use 3-4 strobes, Does this mean he is using 3 canon 580x flashes on stands all in sync? Or does he have 3 of thos 250w flash set ups witht he umbrellas?

    His daylight shots are great! I find that night shots are really easy, But I have problems getting my daylight interior shots to look good, I have found that if I pump my 580x up all the way and turn my exposure comp down all the way I get nicely exposed windows and good light inside. However it doesnt always work that well. Any help or ideas here would be great.

    As you can see from my portfolio most shots are at night, I would love to have some good day shots to add to it.


  3. Vince,
    If you have a look at Scott’s images I refer to on Scott has commented each image with information on what strobes were used where and all the technical info about each shot. Also see the “lighting 101” article on for all the basics of how to use multiple off-camera strobes.

  4. Actually, if you have a look at the Strobist site you’ll find that David Hobby recommends Nikon SB strobes because they have pc plug ins. That allows you to use Pocket Wizards in conjunction with them. That way you can use as many was you want to get the job done. Also there are a few of the SB’s that have built in optical slaves, the 80DX, the 26, and the 800 to name the ones I know of. The nice thing about the little lights is that you can literally put them almost anywhere. I don’t always use mine on stands. Sometimes I just lay tem on a shelf.

    As far as balancing your exteriors with your interior, turn your sutterspeed up as fast as your sync will allow then adjust it till you have the windows perfectly lit. At that point start building your lighting around that.

    You’ll find that this will become second nature before long and the set up becomes pretty quick.

  5. hi,
    Does my canon 580 have a feature where I can wirelessly sync 2 or 3 other 580 units to it and then scatter them through a room?

    As I find the problem in large rooms is that I dont have enough constant light to fill every part of the room and the windows wash out.

    Upclose to a window i find its ok.


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