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Photography For Real Estate Book Shelf

Posted by larrylohrman on May 31, 2007

I just implemented a Photography For Real Estate Book Shelf. This is, a list of books that I’ve reviewed some time on a past post or one of the blog readers has recommended the book. The list has links to and if you purchase any of these books by clicking on these links some of what you pay for the book goes to support Photography For Real Estate. To get to the book shelf click on the pink button on the left side-bar. Thanks for your support.

And if you have any favorite books you want to recommend to PFRE blog readers let me know.


3 Responses to “Photography For Real Estate Book Shelf”

  1. Great Idea – I have several that are worthy of mention – will look through my shelves.

  2. Michael said

    The best $40 you will ever spend if you are into photography…

    Not necessarily exclusive about Architectural/Interiors but one can learn tons of stuff out of it and used it accordingly for their purpose. It’s the main bible for me… very inspirational and hands on. I had V2 now I got V3… enjoy…

  3. Add another to the list – “The Complete Guide to Light and Lighting in Digital Photography” by Michael Freeman.

    This book contains an entire section devoted to ‘real estate photography’ challenges, includes plenty of examples, and even dives into (with examples) the benefits of using Photoshop vs. Photomatix vs. Photoshere, etc. for HDR. Well worth the $20 on Amazon.


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