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Reader Shoots San Francisco Property Listed for $55,000,000

Posted by larrylohrman on June 7, 2007

PFRE reader John Grow sent me a link to 2901 Broadway St, San Francisco , a property currently listed for $55,000,000 that he just photographed. Notice that John has used for the tour of this property. Wow what a view!


6 Responses to “Reader Shoots San Francisco Property Listed for $55,000,000”

  1. There is a strange halo around bright lights, digicam-like. The obvious on-camera flash isn’t quite appealing sometimes.

    (I understand San Francisco is pricey, but it’s five times the Paris surface price, is there an order of magnitude between the listing price and the real value?)

  2. San Francisco may have the most inflated real estate prices on the planet!

  3. I thought it was London, at more than 15k€/m². But this 43.8k€/m² listing beats it easily.

  4. I remember hearing this was on tha market a few months ago. Interesting to see the images. Like so many of these splendid old homes the interiors have not been touched in years and it looks like Gomez and Mortisha might come around the corner. It needs a benefactor more than a buyer. Having lived in San Francisco I know this home from the outside quite well – and have always wondered about the interior.

  5. Drew King said

    Hmm I guess none of you follow the NYC Markets.. Ive seen several large brownstones sell for 52-54 million in the past 6 months. An object is only worth what some other idiot is willing pay… I like how Trump markets his condos arounds here ..”Views of Trophy Bridges & Trophy Buildings”
    I’d just like to see the commish check at 3% on some of these…

    I liked the set up on this tour btw.

  6. Does anyone know if the sky and clouds were stripped in from another shot? Sort of has that look to me.

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