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Unbelievably Bad Real Estate Photos Hall of Fame

Posted by larrylohrman on June 7, 2007

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Realtor Norm Fisher has put together a hilarious presentation on how unbelievably bad real estate photography can get. The “hold on, I think we are going over” shot is my favorite.

If you watch the presentation to the end you’ll see that this “tour” does more than show bad photos, it is a promotion of what Norm and his team will do if you become his listing client. Nice job Norm!

9 Responses to “Unbelievably Bad Real Estate Photos Hall of Fame”

  1. Larry, thanks for covering my tour. I have a great respect for photographers as I know how difficult it is to capture good images. I am a long way from producing professional quality images but I have picked up some decent equipment and spend some time attempting to learn. Your blog has been one of my favorite resources for a long time. Thanks for all that you so willingly share.

  2. eric said

    Those are amateur. But I’ve seen worse, unfortunately they’ve been replaced on the MLS here, so I can’t point to them.

    But the kitchen pictures each had 2 bags of garbage on the floor, to go with the odd framing, bad lighting, and general ‘this house has been in an earthquake’ clutter.

  3. Anonymous said

    That is a fine collection of… rubbish.
    I love the “Sleeping Man” image.
    Great commentary too, my sense of humour.

    Thanks for giving me a laugh today. šŸ™‚

  4. This is great, counter-examples are always welcome to show benefits of good work.

    And thanks for the laugh.

  5. MVUS said

    That was really funny. Thanks for posting the link

  6. I think your tour is sooooooo funny, and such a great idea for a Real Estate agent. I’ve recently been searching for a house, and despite the help that the Internet offers to weed out properties, I feel like we are probably still overlooking some properties that we might otherwise view due to bad photos. It is really hard to get a feel for a house with bad images. I don’t want to open up a picture of a Dining Room and only see the table or a Master Bedroom and only see a crooked King size bed. Or better yet, a photo of a doorway portraying a “spacious bedroom”. No wonder buyers are so slow to make decisions in this market…with photos like those displayed in Norm’s tour all over the MLS, it is really hard to find a house worthy of even getting into the car to go see.

  7. that is gold! I love it! made my day

  8. Barbara said

    That’s pretty funny, especially the comments.
    Reminds me of a real estate tv show I once saw where the video of each room was shot without benefit of a wide angle lens. So every room was panned in a square: upper left corner, pan across top third of room to upper right corner, tilt down to floor, pan left to lower left corner of room. Add bad lighting and shakey camera work. Awful!

  9. Toni C said


    I thought my photos were bad back in the day….

    This is like saying… “please don’t even come look at this house much less buy it.”

    It really made me feel better about my old attempts at taking photos of my listings.

    I love the one where you see the photographer in the bathroom mirror.


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